Sunday, July 22, 2007

Band Names v.3.0

Luckbox Suckout - Runner Runner (generic indie rock)
The Freewheeling Will Scarlet - You Are Nothing Like Us (The Unicorns meet Bloc Party)
Pork - The Other White Meat (definitely black metal)
Beef - We're for Dinner, Now (something like Cloud Cult)
Like Arms from Sockets - When a Wookie Loses (nerds!)
Drums & Sing - s/t (electro)
Tobey Radloff - Enjoy the Ritual (happy nerds)
From Here to Pi - Numbers Are Colors, Too (xylophones, cellos, air organs)

Also, big shout out to a Milwaukee band with an awesome name:

Louis Tully

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Catalin said...

Interesting to know.