Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bill Cosby.

(Front from left: Cosby holding his covetted chocolate soda; Claire Huxtable, wife. Back row from left: Rudy! Theo! Jello Puddin' Pop.)

Things Bill Cosby says:


Jello Puddin' Pop


Ya see.

Kodak film.

The bippin' and the boppin'.

Brain damage.

Rap music.


Chocolate soda.




Thus, possible Bill Cosby monologue:

Cosby, Cosby, Cosby. It's a Huxtable! With the Kodak film -- ya see. Chocolate soda, my drink of choice; Theo, my son; Rudy, get in here, why are you drinking my chocolate soda. And Kodak film. Brain damage from the bippin' and the boppin' and the Jello-Puddin'-Poppin'-and-lockin'. Jazz! Hoagie. Jazz hoagie. I was telling Claire, my wife, that I could really go for a jazz hoagie and could she get the Kodak film out of my face, ya see. Have you ever gone to the dentists office? I have to go all the time. Rudy, Theo, and Jello Puddin' Pop. Jello Puddin' Pop being the most delicious of the three. Rap music. Theooooo! Jazz! Theo!? Jazzzzzzzzah! Pop! Huxtable, Claire. Huxtable, Rudy. Huxtable, Theo. Huxtable, Jello Puddin' Pop. Film, Kodak. Music, Rap. Jazz! Cosby, Bill. Have you ever been to the dentist. I have to get a hoagie.


matthew christman said...

flozzum flip flop!

tamara said...

i grew up listening to bill cosby records my mom had, while playing marbles on the living room floor. this is great.

Mike H said...

Ever see the one where Cos births a hoagie? I'm fucking calling Nada!