Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?"

Have to start by plugging an awesome blog that I just (and finally) came across, Heart on a Stick. Check out this post especially.

(are these guys fucking serious?)

I've long been a fan of long band names. "We" had a band once that was named "This is the thing to bomb . . ." which isn't that long, but is kind of the literary/verbose thing that I look for.

Speaking of literary references, I recently saw Snowden live in concert. That's a Joseph Heller reference. Snowden was a character in Catch-22 who died in main character Yossarian's arms. A symbol of mortality, I guess, but also an existential turning point for Yossarian -- after that point, he is obsessed with saving his own life.

In short, Snowden is a great band name. Sonically, they are kind of a water-down version of Interpol, which is inoffensive, but not very exciting. On the other hand, Erick, whose musical taste I trust, saw them play two nights later and liked them pretty well. Either way, they should get band name points. But they should also try a bit more angst with a name like that.

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