Thursday, November 17, 2005

Play-yard . . . somthing.

Recently my Aqua Teens DVDs were stolen. The only logical explanation is that a Mooninite influenced Meatwad wrap his body around my DVDs and smoked while doing so.

Anyway, two bands with great names just released new albums:

Menomena (not only the name of that catchy (though scary, as all things Jim Henson are scary) Muppet ditty, but also a name that fits the sound and voices of these guys exactly) just released an album called Under an Hour, which is a pretty good name in itself. I haven't gotten it yet, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be good (although their album leftovers 7" sucked one of my nuts hard).

Also, the Mendoza Line, described as "indie rock veterans" by our favorite hipsters at Pitchfork Media, are still rocking one of the greatest names on all time -- at least for baseball nerds like me. In case you're not familiar, the Mendoza Line refers to a .200 batting average, named for Minnie Mendoza, a career quadruple-A guy (that means that he jetted between triple-A and the majors very frequently). Though I'm beginning to see that just about anyone can love baseball, it still baffled me to see an indie band with a name so deeply routed in baseball lore as this one.

Other baseball names that you might not have known: Yo La Tengo (I Got It! in spanish), Molitor (named for my favorite player of all time, and a very cool Milwaukee band), and if I had my way there would also be a band named Rob Deer.

For another coincidence between baseball and music that I recently chuckled at, check out this posting at my other blog, Brewhad.

That's all. This post was a long time in coming.

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