Friday, November 04, 2005

1-2 Punches.

Okay, here are some band names ideas, followed by what they should name their album (probably debut albums, but not necessarily). Format is "BandName --> AlbumTitle"

The Shermerhorns of Fifth Avenue --> . . . scarcely need an introduction.

Major League Buttkicking --> . . . is back in town.

This is the thing to bomb. --> This is the beginning -- [first album]
-- from I to we. [second album]

Mother Parks --> Take Your Rest

If Nominated, Will Not Run --> If Elected, Will Not Serve

The F-f-fucking Liars --> Mr, Lundegaard

We Happy Few --> Original Soundtrack to Band of Brothers Remastered DVD Collection

Hot Tacos --> Galore

Stay tuned for more installments of 1-2 Punches.

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matthew christman said...

A Sandwich is a Sandwich-->But a Manwich is a meal.