Sunday, October 23, 2005

If we stand in a circle, then we'll all have a back to bite.

You know the kind of band that plays in a haze of stale tobacco smoke with their backs to the crowd, and the fans that play imaginary cymbals with their backs to the band, and half the people there act like the band doesn't exist because they were drinking there before the bar even started hosting live music and so they can't be bothered to hang out somewhere else now (more likely they can't stand NOT to be seen there) and in the end nobody's inspired by the music, the haze, the booze, or the clever band names that might be something like these:

The Casual Casualties (actually, it sounds like one guy in this band might be nice, but most of them would be assholes)

Bloody Bullocks (and they're not British)

Fucking A (they are drunk and sucky)



Anonymous said...
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matthew christman said...

Rob, if you don't want this spam in your comments, you'll have to do what I do and put in a filter: it's the thing that makes you fill out a random sequence of numbers and letters before you post.