Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Post Rock Band Names.

This Is How They Killed Us
The Past Is a Hole in the Ground
Project for the New American Century
Dust & Conscience
The Midwestern
The Innocent Shall Suffer
The Republican Party
No Child Left Behind

I don't know why so many of these are inspired by right-wing concepts. I'm not sure if these are pretentious names. Some of them are apt. Some of them are not nearly long enough to be definitely post rock. All of them, as it were, are on the map.


chuibreg said...

What about "the use of sidewalks?"

Also, is that map a name?

John M. said...

Make another post soon, please. Perhaps one with names for venues.

I think "The Communist Lecture" would be a good punk rock venue name. It is a reference to a Rancid song and has a nice ring to it. It has an ironic twist and of course the ideological bent.

It is also kind of stupid and obvious.

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