Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a piece of art by Kari Freitag and a very short mix about, um, girls, i guess

yesterday i went to the KC zoo with my mom and sister, who are visiting from Milwaukee. i told Kari and she made this drawing, which might be better than the zoo experience:

i like the non-distinct brown turd-things best. we saw plenty of those at the zoo. my mom kept complaining that none of the animals were out, which wasn't true. we saw lots of depressing/depressed animals. the leopard climbed into a tree and growled above us. a baboon jumped at a child from the other side of the window. an elephant shat and sneezed in our presence. i felt guilty about being there. but it was good exercise. i feel like i should write more about this experience. maybe i will do so later.

regarding the mix: the GBV song was covered by Naomi What (featuring two of the members of Bandit Teeth) last week at Louise's Downtown in downtown Lawrence. they played two awesome (if short) sets. Charley Downey is awesome. i like him. the Beatles song i only came to know a couple of months ago when John Muther and Aytan Luck stayed at my house and they kept singing it in my 'living room'. this may be the start of shorter mixes. they are easy. i am lazy. enjoy.

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annie h. said...

that beatles song rules. and i am hesitant to tell you that i work tonight because technically i'm 'on call', so if it rains or if it's slow i won't have to go in. but i should tell you that i WILL be working, because then it will a kind of "snow day" logic, see, where i'll convince myself of the fact and just when i've reconciled to it, it won't happen.

that's a long explanation for: i'm not sure if i'll be in the ice cream shop tonight. i hope not, because i have a cold and don't feel like working. i hope your day is going well, though.