Monday, June 16, 2008

i am lazy and want to tell people about these chapbooks so i just pasted here what i put on my other blog about chapbooks

'feast your eyes'

this here, to the right, that thing there, i am trying to confuse you now, that's the this you should see as anne's cover looking something like.

i maintain that the above is a perfectly grammatical sentence.

buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.


for a second, i thought maybe 'like' was a preposition and i was doomed. it is not.

anne and alex worked hard on the cover. i copied and cut it and folded it.

this is chuck's cover that marie worked hard on and sent to me, that i folded and stacked and ordered string for.

it is a real-time picture. i captured what this cover was doing at the time of the picture in it's natural habitat, which so far has been an apartment some where in the middle third of the american landscape. what it was doing was laying on the poker table that i haven't used since i moved to lawrence. it just kind of sits there. until you move it. like a baby.

UPDATE 9:23pm: i just realized that the pronoun 'it' in the above sentence has an unclear antecedent. i meant the book.

i can sense things about people who read blogs and i sense that people who read this blog want to paypal me $11 for both of these chapbooks, which will be completed and ready to ship in less than ten days. send e-monies to baumann[dot]baumann[at]gmail[dot]com and you 'will not regret it'.

tell all your friends:
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annie h. said...

i want to give you money for these. i have to be honest, i'm buying these books because i want to look at these covers more closely because those are some niiiice covers. then i'll read the insides. i hope you're having a nice day.

Benjamin Dean-Cartwright said...

Choose Robert Baumann. Choose chapbooks. Choose life. I did.

Robert J. said...

youz guyz are really too nice. thank you very much. i feel good about life, like heroin was rubbed on my asshole. i am eating curry cashews from the Merc.

ben, thank you for the chopsticks and knives. you are a good person. something good will happen to you very soon because your karma is so high that is something very good does not happen to you very soon the world will explode.

annie, do you work tomorrow because i am getting ice cream and you have the only ice cream that i will eat. you should add more to your 'first ice cream in lawrence' story -- details that make it ridiculous. also, thank you. if i make a chapbook, i will hire you to do the cover.