Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Smart People Already Know This, I Bet

If you do not like the idea of veal, which is produced by stunting a young cow's growth by keeping it in cages so it can't move and develop muscles, and then clubbing it to death or painfully cutting parts off of it until it dies, then you should also make sure the cheese you buy/eat has vegetable rennet and not dairy rennet, which is a by-product of veal production. I learned this because I wrote an e-mail to Ben Cartwright about what I was eating this morning. I found out that Ben like Kosher salt, which is delicious and Jewish, two things that I like but am probably ignorant about. I did not want to be ignorant about the cheese I was eating, so I looked it up. I should learn more because Wikipedia is not a good enough source. Any suggestions?


Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

hi robert

Benjamin Dean-Cartwright said...

I did not know that about my cheese. I do not know what to do with knowing that about my cheese.

Also, I made this:

As I surely mentioned before, a cozy afterthought and an aggressive stay-stay-girl were dumbly playing a game of chess somewhere in Iowa.

The cozy afterthought told: Tell me more about you.

The aggressive stay-stay-girl demanded: What's that all about, then?

The next day they went and sank the Titanic.

And the moral of this story is: Never ever go to bed with the light on!

Using this:


An "aggressive stay-stay-girl" sounds like the kind of girl the boy in your story would like.

Gabe said...

Related: while in austin we were lured into a pizza place because they told us that they had "vegan pizza" options. When we sat down and asked if it had casein or not (milk product in non vegan soy cheeses), they said it did. So they knowingly trick a lot of people into thinking they're eating dairy free, vegan food. Even marked "vegan" on the menu. I was ignorant to that until this experience.

Not as much of an issue as rennet, but still.

Gabe said...

Also: you duck in and off of gchat a lot lately to leave me those quotes and it is funny, but frustrating when I want to type "hahaha" and you're. offline already.

Robert J. said...

GABE, sometimes i am 'invisible'.

Also, that is bullshit, what those restaurants do. FUUUUUck.

Judy said...

I wish I hadn't known that. I'm not a good enough person to be consistent about this. You can find long lists of rennet-less cheese on the web but good luck finding much of it locally (the Merc has Cabot Creamery cheddar though & its good).