Friday, April 04, 2008

BlogMix #1: "222"

I'm going to post e-mixtapes on my blog starting now. You will find them on the right side bar so that you can enjoy music while you read or "skim" (ahem, John Muther) my blog. I will also post the player in the body of the blog so that the mixes can be archived and accessed forever, into eternity. I will also blog a little intro, maybe, like this one, for the first mix, called "222", but what follows is also "serious writing" that should be taken on its own merits as an "experimental" piece about the "forlorn essence of existence" as mediated by the internets:

This is a mix that I made by seeing which songs in my music library were 2:22 minutes long. I did this because I started to make a playlist and I noticed that the first two songs I added to it were 2:22 long. I had over thirty songs by the same length, and used the concept "falling in love" to whittle it down to these 11 songs, placed here for you streaming enjoyment! This mix will not make anyone fall in love with you, but it is good if you are already falling in love together with someone. I constructed it based on memories of falling in love, by accessing the emotions that the concept brought to my mind. My mind is like a 'desktop' full of 'folders' and the folders are named for concepts and things in my life. There is one folder for "falling in love" because that is a concept I have experienced in my life. The "files" in this desktop folder generally have the suffix ".emo" meaning that they are emotional in nature, but there are also many ".mp3" files because I use music to inadequately express myself at 3am. Another folder might be "tastes i want to experience again" but I will probably "rename" this file several times because I think that it sounds too cute, or think that other people will think that it sounds too cute and then think less of me. For a while I might rename "tastes i want to experience again" "the food object in my mind right now" but i don't really talk to the person who first said that to me anymore and would feel guilty stealing it, so then I would rename that folder "food" or something simple. But, now you might point out that "tastes i want to experience again", "the food object in my mind right now", and "food" all have different "essences" and would contain completely different items. The nature of the first is based in memorable or extraordinary taste; the nature of the second is immediate and fickle; and the third is so general a category as to include all things edible, and need not be based even in my own experience with sustantitive matter. That is true, and is why it is dumb to try to think of your mind as desktop of folders and files. (Actually, I just got lazy and distracted and wanted to end this blogpost because I wasn't sure if I was being funny at all.)

Enjoy the mix!


mlx said...

I like you.

chuibreg said...

All of my folders have been renamed because I thought that someone might see it and think less of me.