Friday, March 07, 2008

Recruitment Center Bombing.

I'm not sure how to feel about the bombing of the Army recruitment center at Times Square on early Thursday morning, mainly because I'm not sure want it means, or what the perpetrators wanted to accomplish, other than to convey frustration and powerlessness, which might be just as valuable as anything given the state of things.

What I really want to know is why there are very few leftist/liberal/progressive blogs discussing this occurrence, and why the right-nuts are all over it. I mean, maybe because it's because it's not that big of a deal -- the office was closed, no one was hurt, the property damage is relatively minimal. I understand that tighty-righties would want to use rename everything ranging from the University of Kansas dining hall (The Underground) all the way to progressive slot machines, I don't understand why the other side (my side?) would not use this as a tool for discussion as well. I mean "we" don't have to defend it, but don't we want a say in how this is event is perceived immediately or later on? Blogs are changing the very nature of "history" by adopting the Benjaminian idea that no life is not worth documenting. What a resource we have here to shape consciousness -- the past and present.

This all assumes that some kind of dirty liberals (geh geh geh!) actually perpetrated it. Not to say that I think is was a right wing conspiracy, just that we can't be sure of anything.

I don't know. Any thoughts?

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matthew christman said...

The righties are all over it because it's such an easy way to score points and point out that the damn hippies HATE THE TROOPS!

The lefties aren't mentioning it because most of your "progressive" types are deeply confused about their worldview and as such, their reaction to this sort of this is too complicated. For one thing, I really do think that a lot of left-of-center people aren't that fond of the troops (I know I'm not) and are certainly outright hostile to the military. But, because of the acceptable parameters of debate on this issue, they can't admit that. One of the biggest problems with liberal-types is their obsession with conforming to the nationalist/capitalist framework of the right, while deep in their bones, they reject the whole premise. This makes debating difficult: the righties are totally committed because their rhetoric and their worldviews coincide perfectly. Lefties are constantly trying to accomodate a status quo they find abhorrent in order to avoid accusations of being unpatriotic.