Monday, March 10, 2008

Chloé Jones Tao Lin Experience Collage

by Chloé Jones

Tao Lin Came to Kansas For a Reading and This Is What Happened.

Books and authors were discussed

Chris Ware


Paul and Jane Bowles

Revolutionary Road

Diane Williams

Bolano or Pessoa

John Cheever. Someone said Cheever was very sad

He had a lot of chapbooks. He had a lot of books on existentialism

by authors who write books

Tao Lin

Deb Olin Unferth

Clancy Martin

Anne Boyer

David Ohle

and also by people who want to be authors and write books

Grad students

Friends of Grad students

Boyfriends and girlfriends of Grad students

People at the bar

while eating.

plate of small broccoli

leftovers broccoli and salsa (gag)

just eat the salsa

carrot cake and put in into the salsa

vegan carrot cake and vegan pumpkin cake things and other vegan cake things, a few pieces of the squash vegan thing, some crackers


Tao Lin said things that made people happy,

“best reading series ever”

and things that made people laugh,

“Gabo was the name of the brother’s dog”

and he said questions,

Are we near the juice place

Is the juice place near here

Why is this snow blue

and said things that people didn’t know what to do with,


but mainly he did not say much at all.

Tao was handsome and shy

hard to read

neutral facial expression

But he DID things.

Tao read a great story

Tao slept on my couch

He used the internet at least twice

I saw Tao move a wine glass and a glass of Coke around in circles and then stack the two together

He danced on top of my guitar case in his socks

He jumped off the guitar case

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Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

You guys should have talked about Mike Hauser. He is great.