Sunday, July 22, 2007

D'ya see this Kev'?

Above: the only picture I could find of Kevin Eubanks and Jay Leno together. I'm pretty sure Jay is terrified by black men.

D'ya see this Kev'? D'ya see this? It was in the paper the other day. It's a muzzle for your cat.

This is so stupid Kev'.

And d'ya see this. Anybody see this? Was in the paper just the other day. I read that Michael Jackson now owns the rights to Yoko Ono's bed sheets. Apparently he wants to use them for another skin graft.

Eh-eh-eh. Michael Jackson loves children. Wonderland. Ya seen this Kev'?

Eh, eh, eh -- hey Kev'. Cigar Monica Lowinski stain -- eh, eh -- Bill Clinton interns. In the paper! Eh-eh-headlines!


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