Friday, December 25, 2009

the poem the blog was named after . . .

she sired my triceratops

for Jesse and Emily

effort towards the gender
bent over
looking down at
a bar
of dove soap
no that’s dove poop
you see what i did there
just right
here’s to years a new chapter
happy memories
cleaning up rat turds
season salts
blatant you look ok
google goggles new app
able to find your ass
even Stephen Hawkin
pics even CUNY applications
sounds racist
some of my best friends are
racist assholes
you look as though
alligators! barnstormed
at Osawatomi
native gaming in
the politics of self
preservation now means
screw your cum
in a mason jar
Danny Devito
directly addressing
the great
a no no
radical Shiite cleric
with terror
they’re the reason
rare pheasants live
now in Ford factories
why years ago Geraldo
Rivera got his nose
by a dino-sapien in
Janesville, WI.

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