Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i read your poems and you are my favorite poet and i don’t know what to do with these feelings that feel magical and stupid

thank you,
thank you.
i thought you might like how my body puffed up like a bird
i had to readjust my feathers
i have a melty look on my face i think
it can be made without a lot of money.

today i traded a plane voucher for a bag
of gold donuts
gold hubcaps
gold crystals
gold l.e.d. screens
good old golden sadness of the ancients
spreading the sad sad seed of the
male unicorn’s single prong
of sadness.

thank you thank you i give you
the predictable
the fertile correspondent.
it is a song i wrote
in bed beaming in early evening.

this expensive weeping
sweeps you like a machine up
your warm walls thank you
now. thank you,
i didn't know there would be
the hubris of mummies.
maybe we can harvest the hubris of bird mummies.
i know where some of those are.


kari f. said...


Anonymous said...

this is so bad

Brain said...

I fkin love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say, because I can't stop laughing at the pro-wrestler yelling at the top of your blog screen. nice!

Stan Apps said...

this poem is kinda brilliant. I like sarcasm (even though, as one of my old profs pointed out, sarcasm is the tearing of the flesh.)

Anonymous said...




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