Thursday, May 28, 2009

(I) Love (Science) Poem

w/ a tire you add
to a motor
some tension
makes a spire where
tender parabola
inverses and
I tend a parabola too
your bottom

there's such trickle
some sun--
not ours--
as dark as yellow
can go
animal almost.

you said something of tax
to the center of cities
to your brother
for incentive to
privately produce iron
true tested
(sweat) across
my forehead you
seem to notice
or mind.

imagine this world
class structure where
everything's of carbon
date me.


Joseph Harrington said...

right on. write poems.

Kelly said...

I do love this poem.
Not sure that I love the "date me" at the end. Seems too easy.

Anonymous said...
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