Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Trolling

I'm kind of obsessing over Linh Dinh's pictures of Bethlehem Steel, the viewing of which flanked my reading of Dale Smith's blogpost about Collapsitarianism-- a connection so clear that it seems cliché. I am big walking ball of superficiality.

Some new blogroll links:

H.O.W. Journal

Resisting Poetry Blog

Blue Hour Press (amazing e-books!)


Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

I hadn't listened to Sparta for a few years and when you put the video of Vacant Skies on I stated listening a lot to them. I think what happened with Third Eye Blind was, Non-Dairy Creamer was on the radio and my friend called me out into the driveway to hear it and we jumped around like young girls listening to boy bands

gabe said...

i have family in bethlehem and the steel factories are amazing. the yuengling isn't bad, either