Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this morning i wrote this poem in bed and read it to Kelly. i told her i had written a poem that meant something for once. she asked what it meant and then i talked for a long time and felt i had said too much but she said she liked my explanation. i don't remember what i said it was about, i could probably paraphrase pretty accurately, but i'm not going to, i'm just going to title it "Pooem"--but now this whole thing in bold has become the title i guess.

for the sake of making fun
of space—

in order to use everything i know
in a poem—

i shit out what fish
sleeps still in my bowels:
what i know is something
like the sting of empirical dung
on my hole.
i don’t know what a tannin is—science—
but i have examined deeply
the beaded head of a broccoli sprig,
blotches in shrimp asses
much like my own.
it is a comfort to own your own bowl
for scatting
i'm learning—
by trial and error.

but for instance i think i know for certain
the slant of sun—
the poem—the sonnets—the Berrigan—
the one that hit me
in Mequon
after they extracted the rat
brain from my cheek,
but i don’t: tell me
what’s one word—
tell me one word
that makes the sun made of
real sun
or at least of a pulsing mote—
something more like the cat
shit i felt through a towel
this morning—
light a real light,
Marx a real armpit:

revolting the way i know
to claim
the means of producing a poem
of my own:
i dipped a leaf in honey, clipped it
to a bank door—
called it a pun.

(what i know is to press up—
my bulb hits a notch—
and you come)

one word makes fun of
shit we spin and it is:

and once again dig toward my ass
through my tummy.
space is a helmet with mirrors
for eyes in my mind.
this poem could not use all
i know / used all i know
in the lines about poo.


Mo said...

i like this poem

"it is a comfort to own your own bowl"

good shit

Anonymous said...

you said it was about what you know and what feelings are tangible.

the feeling of the warmth of fresh cat vomit in your hand.


Matthew Henriksen said...

The line about space blew my mind. I really like this a lot. I think it's brotherly to what I've been doing lately, and I've been miserable about it so this