Sunday, January 25, 2009

Novel excerpt re-discovered after long, tribulous e-search.

I finally found this novel excerpt from Mazie Louise Montgomery, which I have been trying to find for a while after I read part of and then forgot what it was but had the feeling that I wanted to read the rest of it. It was a moderate-to-strong desire to find the excerpt and read it and I spent perhaps 15 minutes clicking on people's blog links and doing Googles searches to find it. I couldn't remember who it was by, only that the author had a name with three names and that she was female, and that the main character was named Dominica who was a teacher in Staten Island.

I asked Stephen Lewis about this several times and I think I annoyed him. I also asked Zachary German about it and I am pretty sure I always annoy him. I found it because Ryan Manning interviewed Mazie here and I have that blog in my Google Reader. I saw Mazie's names and thought, That was her; now I have the missing piece to the puzzle. I should have thought to ask Ryan about it a long time again.


Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

I wasn't annoyed, but now it seems obvious what you were talking about, I should have been able to tell you that. I'm glad you found it. How are you doing?

ryan manning said...


colin bassett said...

good job. perseverance, etc.

hope you enjoyed it.