Saturday, January 24, 2009

(All) Seven (and We'll Watch Them Fall)(?)

i think i have been tagged by Stephen Daniel Lewis.

in honor of that:

a. someone used over half of my agave nectar and left the bottle a mess. i felt 'used' for a while, looking in the mirror and rubbing eucalyptus-scented lotion into my dry shoulder. i felt a little righteous: better than some people and worse than other people in history.

b. i simultaneously feel like a better person and worse person than ezra pound, who knew a lot of things (languages, authors, philosophies) but was also a fascist anti-Semite for most of his life and probably took things a little too seriously.

c. the cat that i was taking care of (but is now being held for ransom by my roommate's girlfriend) probably takes things too seriously for being a cat. my girlfriend's roommate's cat is one of those cats whose head jerks around when they watch you do something very quickly. i think that is a sign of taking things too seriously.

d. dressing for the weather is taking things too seriously, maybe. but if i didn't dress for the weather, and was extremely cold, then when i got into my bed and got warm again, maybe with another person (to whom i would sign to warm my vocal chords), then that would give my life meaning. meaning in life is a serious thing.

e. the best time to rub something into your body is right after a shower or bath.

f. ezra pound looked like a cat after a bath.

g. when i am with you i feel like a cat after a bath.

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Chloe Jones said...

Best blog post of '09.