Saturday, November 15, 2008

will someone say something about this poem even if it is extremely negative?

how food and sex can be used as currency in times of great need


we wiggle in sunshine
to wrestler grunts.

we bulge in recliners
with ass-morphing glee.

good trans-fats undercover
drawn out with the
good convo on mopery
we use—

we shuffling brood
of orchestral udders—
oh wow!

what a mood we are in.


our must is a currency
is grist in a sack:
copper wire and jewels
swarm our plumpiest parts
we burst of the crack we plant
on our hands
for the staggering whites of our
neighborhood watch.

we checker and nibble
at turkeys and plums—
the kings of reality retreats.


we cover—
in scraps—
as bums.


trodden in bulwark
we dump out the back end—
the drunk in the trunk.

for in
pinning a tit to a bill
we grin—
what a mood we are in.


what craven water we use
just to brush our toothies!
just to moulder in soot of the zoo!
the beastro!
the hay!


we come up in cards
and shimmy the jackpot—
a swizzling luckbox—

a trove of trolling for butts—
what a mood we are in!


we carpet the vacant
with the fleecy fleece
of deery deer—
with the appled cadavers
of guttery gutters.

crouching with trowels
we lap wine from
we lien.

does exposing ourselves get it done?

when dawn comes as cheese dust
we hump for the market—

to save it from certain nonpareils.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear this aloud, from your perspective.

Because the beginning, to me, feels off.

And you don't know me. But I read your words. And I love them.

Anonymous said...

Why do you want someone to say something about this poem?

What do you say about it?

What does it say to you?

Mo said...

i really like the shit out of this.

the only parts that bug me are the occasional rhyme like "drunk in the trunk"

that just rubs me the wrong way. it reminds me of "junk in the trunk" and i'd actually like it more that way.

Robert J. said...

Thanks, Mo. There's a lot of shit to like out of this, so to like the shit out of it is a big job. Thank you for being 'man' enough. I might change that one part.

Anonymous, if you ever see me in an alleyway, mug me so I know it's you. Leave me for dead and steal the words that you 'love' so much.

Chloe Jones said...

I have decided that from now on I'm only going to leave links to songs on youtube as comments.

Here is my response to your poem in the form of soul song.

"You make me want to moan sometimes!"