Saturday, November 08, 2008

i feel crushed.


Michaela said...

She'll see.

Mo said...

great fucking song!

don't feel crushed.

feel totally awesome!

Rho Ell Ste said...

Why does it make you feel crushed, Rho-bear?

I'm going to use this song to learn how to dance. I want to study Ya-Ya, his Dune Brother, and that woman to come up with the perfect hybrid dance. But so much of it, of course, is in the eyes.

YOU are my favorite.

Jenny said...

Rob, I was thinking of you on Tuesday while driving through some very, very nice backroads that hug a very charming reservoir. So then today I was on the internet and then you happened and I'm So Pleased that posted this song. It is one of my favorite things - for a time this summer my friend Jessica and I watched it at least once a day.

I hope that you're doing good. It's good over here.

Bests and seconds,