Thursday, October 16, 2008

on Crossing the Baumann Line

for those of you who check this blog but don't check An Actual Kansas Blog or the Mitzvah Chaps blog, Karl Saffran and Mike Hauser, who co-curate Salacious Banter will be reading in the aforementioned series i co-curate with Anne Boyer.

a while ago, Mikey coined the phrase "Crossing the Baumann Line". as with the infamous Mendoza Line in baseball (which is an especially appropriate comparison since Kansas City Royals great George Brett, whose SuperHighway Mike and Karl will intersect during their train-based venture to Lawrence, coined the term), it's not good to cross.

crossing the Baumann line can mean any number of things, but right now i feel like it means plummeting into scary amounts of debt and lust for vapid, small-faced vixens that make you look shallow to your best friends. friends, you don't want to cross that line.

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ken baumann said...

you're a baumann, i'm a baumann.