Saturday, September 20, 2008

i keep on being amused by poetry today.

Here are poems by Brandon Scott Gorrell in 3:AM that made me laugh out loud.

Here is something by Gertrude Stein at ubuweb ("avant garde everything").

the girl next to me at Henry's has all three of her laptop's usb ports occupied with 'dongles'. i told her i wanted to have a laptop custom made with like 20 usb ports and have 'dongles' in each one of them, and then i would give each 'dongle' a name so that when they showed up on the desktop, they would created a 20-word poem. then i thought that instead of a keyboard, i would just have like 50 more usb ports, and then i could have a 70-word poem on the desk top with no way to 'edit' it except by removing and (not) reinserting them in a different order.

'because fuck you'.

just kidding.


cassandreamy said...
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cassandreamy said...

This is a great idea.

laura said...

wtf is a dongle? is that like a jibbit?

ryan manning said...

screaming in agony

shanti said...

'dongle' is even more offensive to me than 'jibbit'