Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I am about to be serious for a second.

I think I want the goal of my poetry to be to make the reader aware of language bits that we use that don't carry meaning, but that fill up our lives. Or, at least I want several poems that I write in the very near future to do this.

Being serious makes me feel pretty fucking stupid. I think you must have to actually know things to be serious and not feel stupid about it.


george c. said...

dear robert,
you shouldn't feel stupid about this.
george clooney

Robert J. said...

dear george c.,

i am going to pretend that you are the real George Clooney.

thank you,

robert j.

Alex said...

i will SO come read in your reading series. i just need a way to Kansas that is free.

and Mr. Clooney has a point.