Wednesday, July 09, 2008

i don't know if ron silliman has someone create his blogroll for him, but somehow i am on it. thanks, ron (or whoever does this for him). i just added ron to my blogroll and will be sending him chapbooks soon. i hope to get a lot of blog hits and sell a lot of chapbooks because of ron silliman listing Mitzvah Chaps chapbooks on his next 'recently received' list.

i think ron silliman is 'impressive'. i am entirely over my grudge with him now, partially because i have given up on writing poetry. just kidding. i have to write an mfa thesis!

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a boyer said...

No robert, you mean you've given up writing "poetry", right?

I miss you already. No ample bosomed young women have fallen out of their bikini tops at the pool since you left.