Friday, July 25, 2008

gabe has retired:

a. free of blog chains
b. removed from blog crucifix
c. emancipation bloglamation
d. carpal tunnel expungement of the 'first order'
e. e-tox
7. coffee makes me poop quick like a fountain

my 'dying act' will be to publish a chapbook for Gabe. it will be an important 'event'/'item'. it will 'push the envelope' of 'what is art?'

now, i think i like Kari's blog best.

i haven't blogged in a while. i haven't looked at a lot of blogs. i have felt depressed but i don't feel depressed right now. i am getting that feeling i want to write a story. when i get this feeling i usually write a story. i think that it will be a good story about human emotions. i have had this feeling before. i am not confident in my writing, but i am trying to be more positive and confident because ChloƩ is trying really hard to quit smoking, and she is doing a pretty good job. 'nice going', ChloƩ.

ben cartwright wants you to follow all of your sentences with 'there, i said it'. i think that is a good idea. i think ben cartwright is a good person. he gives things away. i feel like we have things in common. i feel like ben and i have the same insecurities about ourselves and the world. ben probably does more things than i do. he used to write poems on the street for anyone who wanted one.

there, i said it.


Benjamin Dean-Cartwright said...

There is an insecurity I have that you do not; when I try to grow a mustache it is pathetic, scrubbly and blond. When you grow a mustache it is resplendent.

There, I said it.

Chloe Jones said...

"Nice going, Chloe," said Rob.

"Nice going, Chloe," said Chloe's lungs.

"Nice going, Chloe," said Chloe's mother.

"Nice going, Chloe," said Chloe's bank account.

"Nice going, Chloe," said Chloe's future husband and children that do not have to watch Chloe die of lung cancer or hear her talk out of a tube in her throat.

"Nice going, Chloe," said boys that Chloe has a crush on that do not smoke and may someday kiss her as soon they know that she, too, is a non-smoker and as soon as they realize that she, too, is alive.

"Nice going, Chloe," said Chloe's future self. Chloe's future self is sitting on a porch and drinking coffee. It is Springtime. It is raining. When Chloe's future self says, "nice going," she is being sarcastic, here.