Wednesday, June 18, 2008

zoo too

i felt immense sadness while at the zoo. i felt like all the animals had resigned to a life of lethargy. i suspected the zoo staff of feeding the animals mcdonalds. even when the leopard growled, he seemed impotent. (i don't know if it was a male or female leopard. wait, yes i do, because i saw its balls. i said 'nice balls' when i saw them and my mother frowned.) when my sister took a picture of the leopard i felt guilty and wondered what i was doing with my life. i felt no compulsion to help the animals. once, i wanted to shake some people and tell them that this is fucked up. (i especially hate when parents act like everything an animal does is for their kid: 'look, he's looking at you', 'look, he's waving goodbye'. i can see why the animals want to kill themselves, which i am pretty sure they do.)

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