Sunday, June 01, 2008

Please buy things like this magazine that aren't for profit.

I was in this magazine, which is Kansas City Art Institute's art & lit magazine, but it is not like lit mags from a lot of other colleges because this one has a lot of writers that a lot of people like or are maybe even famous amongst certain 'literary' or 'artistic' 'circles' -- people like Tao Lin, K. Silem Mohammad, Brandon Downing, Jennifer L. Knox, Michael Magee, and Sandra Simonds. Even the people who aren't 'famous' yet are really good, like Kari Freitag and Alex Savage. Plus, Anne Boyer oversaw its creation, so it has to be good.

The first link above ('this magazine') has a PayPal button that you can use to buy this magazine and support the cause because Anne paid a lot of money to put it out and is somehow not getting reimbursed for it, and the same might be true of Cara LeFabvre, who is one of the 'staff' and also has writings and art in the magazine that are very good. Please buy this instead of the New Yorker this month, or instead of Power Bars, or don't go see a concert that Clear Channel puts on or Ticketmaster does the tickets for and instead buy 3-4 copies of this and give them to friends for a summer gift. Buy them to put in people's underwear to surprise them. I am always surprised -- and pleasantly so -- when I find good lit/art mags in my underwear.

Thank you.


Jenny said...

Second comment in a row:

So I clicked on the magazine to see what it's like in tandem with gchatting with a friend from high school who just so happens to be anton seiger's sister who just so happens to be a contributer in sprung formal as well. stars align suddenly.

Dee AND Dee said...


sandrasimonds said...


I really like your poem in Sprung.


Anja said...

I think you mean me.

Robert J. said...

Jenny, you moved to MA.

Brock, when is your wedding.

Sandra, i always like your pieces. thank you.

Anja, i don't know what you mean are you really in Zimbabwe i am obsessed with Africa.