Friday, June 27, 2008

Gabe reviewed Anne's chapbook here.

he text messaged me and told me that he will 'do' Chuck's chapbook on the flight back from Florida, where he is seeing Sea World, 'Walt' Disney World, and his mother.

i am going to miss Gabe when he moves to Chicago. i miss Kari because she moved to Chicago and a long time ago i started to miss Andrea Cochran because she moved to Chicago. Erick Jacobs lives in the greater Chicago area and i miss him horribly but haven't called him in a long time and i don't know why.

e-phemera. who cares.

i am going to the 'art opening' at 6 Gallery.

see you later.


Gabe said...

Airlift me out of here! Bring kombucha!

kari f. said...

me too! bring kombucha w/ ginger!

andrea said...

if robert j. ever visited chicago, it would miss him for sure.