Friday, May 16, 2008

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Adam Duritz Dick Flarf

2007 August –

juicy blog from Adam Duritz
opening up mental Adam Duritz Brackets

One day, I will have sex with Adam Duritz.
And then we’ll get married and have lots of groped patrons.

I Felt So Symbolic about Adam Duritz.
you know that his dick learned some things
he makes it up to his DICK

“Is That All Hard Dick and Adam Duritz?”

I wonder now if it’s about my dick, which is even more ridiculous.
Adam Duritz, I've heard my dick is:
the voice of Adam Duritz;
a magnificent instrument.

The next day,
my friend wanted the three of us to grab Adam Duritz’s porky little bastard.

The 10 Greatest Heterosexual Men.

Adam Duritz’s Dick on this list?
It’s not complete without Dick.
Duritz looks like a possible Dunkin pokesman these days.

understand that he has Late Nights With Demi Moore.
We caught up with Demi Moore’s Dick Archives.
Note: This is a Text only archive.
Go directly to the real Adam Duritz dating website for jehovah’s witnesses:
adam duritz dating adult, mature nottingham dating,
Performance Rocked Softly, Simulated Big Dick licks and

skinny Adam Duritz, look: Dick Ace, A List Celebrities
Adam Duritz talks and we drop on as

adam duritz sits the dick on my boyfriend’s back In tattoo form

77th Annual Academy Awards - Nominees and Winners

Best short subject Adam Duritz’s Dick Chain Accidentally Bites Dick.

Comedy Movies by Adam Duritz

Patsy Cline's husband, Charlie, recalls when she and Adam Duritz Simulated A Big Dick Rocked Softly,

Big Dick Smoke Damage, Clay heads, Dicks a-style and Dane Cook, Dave Coulier, Adam Duritz, James Belushi, Harvey Fierstein, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alec Baldwin

Andy Dick teaches his son Lucas the proper way to pose for Adam Duritz


Cheap Ticket singer Adam Duritz’s vocal style has been compared to Van Morrison.
He has recently collaborated with Ryan Adams on his album Famous People With Depression.

In a 2008 interview, Adam Duritz revealed that, during the peak of his fame as American talk show host Dick Cavett, he “just didn't want to ‘do it’ anymore.” “This song is not about fish. It's about a guy who’s dick, Adam Duritz, had this weird combination of counting toad and Sleeping Babies.”

However, Adam Duritz never reached success with any follow-ups;

he’s not a comedian, Adam Duritz found himself in downward, cooking Dick Prods

get ready to see Fish (aka Dick) one of the great maverick artists of our time
& His Fake Dreads


Memo to Blog Aggregator Adam Duritz,
the face take place at Dick City: Open All Night.

Adam Duritz Probably Should Have Married Jennifer Aniston When He Had the Chance

Nobody cares about your dick, Adam Duritz, hung out there.

Hey Adam Duritz, I dated a girl that you hooked up with.
You stopped calling her And I've heard it’s about my dick, which is ridiculous.
It would kill me to see Dick out there.

Adam Duritz, Release a dick –
small, stupid shit, ok?
When Fame Glows Bright, It's Hard to Be Tortured

Adam Duritz, I really don’t know what that means, but it sounds like Dick

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