Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogmix #3: Back to the Beach.

I feel like I stole a lot of things from Curt on this mix, but I guess that's ok: Curt has impeccable musical taste! And I have no shame! Thanks Curt! You make great music gifts for everyone! Perfect stocking-stuffers! I don't know what that means. Please enjoy the mix, and know that any shitty songs are my idea, and any good ones Curt probably introduced me to.


chuibreg said...

I like the mix a lot, though I really don't see what you took from me, save for maybe that Evangelicals song. Besides, I already plan to steal that Sparks song and put it on a mix after Man Man's "Push the Eagle's Stomach," so, we're even.

Anonymous said...

I expect Franz Wright to throw a tantrum in your comment field.