Monday, April 28, 2008

let's celebrate.

tomorrow is the one week anniversary of the day on which my blog saw the most 'page loads' ever, since i started tracking at least. last tuesday there were 108 page loads and over 80 'unique visitors'. i think i like 'returning visits' best out of 'page loads', 'unique visitors', and 'returning visits' because returning visits might mean, sometimes, that people like my blog so much that they have to come back to it more than once a day. if there is a day where no one visits my blog i will be sad, even if i don't notice that no one visited my blog on that particular day until days after that day happened. i will be 'retroactively sad'. i think retroactive sadness is only possible via the 'advent' of the internet and what i like to call, starting now, 'blog consciousness'.

cheddar's, anyone?


Gabe said...

the baked spasagna is on me.

Robert J. said...

some old fashioned meaninglessness is just the most appropriate thing to celebrate the 'page loads' of a blog about meaninglessness. thanks gabe!

Chloe Jones said...

This whole blog stat thing makes me nervous. I start thinking, what does Rob know, exactly? Does it say where I am when I look at your blog? How many times a day? What position I'm in when I read it? Can blog stat see me? Does it know that I check your blog first thing in the morning, when I'm still a little sleepy, and pretend that the blog is whispering clever non sequiturs in my ear? Does your blog know that I think about it when I eat polenta? I hope not. I'm feeling exposed.