Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i can't figure out what to write

i feel like my life is boring so i don't want to write things that are 'real', but because my life is boring i don't have an imagination either. i am boring, but not really ever bored. i think the things i like are boring to other people. here are some things that i like or do on a regular basis:

look at itunes for a long time

make playlists on itunes and then delete them

delete old playlists on itunes that i didn't delete last time

look at baseball websites multiple times per day because i am too lazy to sign up for rss feeds

read poetry blogs or blogs by people that i like

pray for wealth

read books


text message people

g-chat people

worry that i am boring and that i don't know what i will write

casino bender

masturbate to internet pornography or to thoughts about people that i have seen only once

check my e-mail

respond to e-mail

reread e-mails that i sent to people or that people sent me

go to class to teach and learn

that is pretty much all i do. who wants to hear about that? let me know.

actually, i guess that i could probably make some of those things interesting. my friend becca is writing a story that revolves around watching tv and masturbating and what i read of it is pretty good -- i mean to say i like it. becca is a good writer. hi becca. also, casinos can be interesting but they were more interesting in the 1960s and 1970s in las vegas and not so much here, in the kc-lawrence area maybe. also, that movie casino was so good that it ruined it for everyone else who would want to write or make movies about casinos. maybe. i don't know. i am full of excuses. i hope that i can come up with a good excuse when i don't have a story for workshop on monday.

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ma vie en bling said...

I think casinos are interesting here. The last time I was at a casino here I saw a doll that was also a Christmas tree, or rather a doll's head atop a Christmas tree and the tree dressed in her dress. I took a photo of this. She looked like a tree shaped prostitute.

We decided to eat at the casino, and spent so much money, and yet we were seated at a table over a pile of tiny, flesh-stripped chicken wing bones.

I was obsessed with prostitution in those days, so all the women looked like casino prostitutes to me. In the bathroom I could not stop staring at a zaftig/ well-rear-ended woman in tight clothes and gold nail tips because I thought she was a prostitute. I was wearing tight clothes, too, and she stared back at me, and I wondered if she thought I was a prostitute.

This is all to say that I can't wait for tonight's casino visit! I have a new thrift store dress to wear and everything!

If you are interested, maybe someday we can also go watch the dogs.