Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it a bad thing if I do not want a "literary career" but would rather "toil in obscurity" for the "rest of my days"?

Is that "emo"?


Mike H said...

That's darn tootin'.

Emo's more like... hurt poopin'.

Robert J. said...

What does this mean?

Weevil said...

Ah, the familiar conundrum of the www and people "communicating" about nothing. darn tootin' indeed.

Let's see. Is it possible to toil in complete obscurity? Someone is bound to notice and love you, Baumann, even if it is only your fellow mail clerk down in the bottom of the hospital or whatever. Hell, I'm already writing you into something. Not that anyone will notice that, either. Or even that I want them to. You have no control of what people write or say about you, I guess. You are alive and so maybe you already have a literary career. You have a narrative, a story. Must it appear in print?

Even "Robert J Baumann (We think?): Toiled for Years, Lived Alone, Died a Mediocre Death" is a story. Finding your grave one day, maybe someone will write about it. Can't stop it, you know? Why not put your own two cents in?

What exactly is emo anyway?

Robert J. said...

Jesse, that's why I put all of those things in quotation marks: I realize that everything is bullshit -- toiling in obscurity just as much as a goal-oriented literary career.

And, it's all okay, too.