Monday, November 05, 2007

for Jesse

The Morning the Morning Sets Forth

on a harp.

on a snap
of the radio

on the crackle
of vinyl
Gloaming set forth.

forth on a new needle
forth in a wrench set
(needle below)

set in the stucco
the keyboard
put out.

set forth in a diaper or
dust pan
(we don’t know).

forthright and earnest.
forthright and calm.
earnest and spent

a dollar a day
a hundred a week.
a hundred a week

fell again
south sun.

fell on again
(got lost);

fell to where saw dust
and mildew
lay track.

tracing the line
of a keyboard

tracing a line of gold
back to the needle,
back to the snap
of the sky.

the sky of a passing.

the sky of a lark
in the eaves
with its heart –

the snap of its cavity chasm
rendered to light.

the Gloaming,
the wrench set,
the floor.

call the floor inebrious.
call up mongers
of swelling.

rise up the harp.

the ceiling of stucco
as a ghost passes through.

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