Wednesday, October 17, 2007


rival skies
old lows
think incisors
cut in half
not as crops cut flat
not such rolling machination as

scrap the way
the muppet bends
a sample
two duckets
so random
so handle the way
your tuffet goes broke
hope chest
no hope
but for mopery to come

that’s “exposing yourself to a blind person”
that’s “carving a way to the sea”
card coming
card falling
get way from, get going

the landlocks we call for by peers


Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

I like this.

Are you from Lawrence?
I saw the page for An Actual Kansas today, it looks good, do you work on that?

Robert J. said...

thank you. not FROM lawrence, but IN lawrence. at KU. i do An Actual Kansas with Anne Boyer, who is in overland park. she's pretty good and pretty nice.

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

what are you studying?
An Actual Kansas is good, I saw that a reading with Tao Lin and Deb Unferth is in February. That is awesome.

Robert J. said...

Stephen, i found you on Tao's blog. I am MFA. what do you do in Kansas? you will have to keep coming to my blog to answer these questions. that is a shame. if you want, e-mail me at now you will not have to come to my blog to answer one question at a time.

J Crockett said...

I'm totally from Lawrence.

Robert J. said...

but you don't even have any blogs for me to look upon, j crockett. i am confused. when there is no blog, it is like when you turn down a street in a dream and immediately there is a brick wall. everything is lost. you have never been anywhere.

SEO Expert said...
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J Crockett said...

I have blogs, have been blogging for 3 years. According to Ron Silliman, you know me!


Hope you're not disappointed. I would be.