Sunday, October 28, 2007

today i wrote this in a g-chat to Karl

today i ate a burrito alone in an alleyway

people looked at me funny

there was a sticker that said "fuck veganism"

it was for a band

Karl said, "what a progressive town"

he was being sarcastic, i think.

i would like to amend these things that Karl did not read in g-chat:

the band was releasing a cd last month

i will not buy it

i do not want to fuck veganism

a portion of the proceeds from buying the cd go right to fucking veganism

something like 50% of the proceeds

i saw a reflection of a couple in a window and thought that nothing matters because that couple does not even know who i am. it makes me sad to think that everyone does not know everyone else or does not act like they know everyone else. everyone should exist in a big coffee shop where you can talk to all people and there should be rooms for sex in case you need to have it. every book would be on-line and there would be free internet and a book materializer if you actually wanted to hold some books. there would be other things too. vegan food is allowed. tiny men would play baseball. there would be a park in the middle of the coffee shop for people with dogs and so the squirrels would have a place to live. no cars.

nothing matters because bear parade does not accept unsolicited manuscripts but pays more than $500 for things

next year i will start a press, called Mitzvah Press. here is a list of people i will publish and pay whatever money i can for the right to publish them one time:

mike "honda" hauser
dennis etzel, jr.
elliott stevens
chuck stebelton
jesse seldess
anne boyer

these are people i know. there are other people that i don't know who i would like to ask, but am afraid that they will think it's weird that i want to publish them. i might try anyway.

who wants me to publish them in a chapbook? leave a comment in the comment box.


John said...

I vote yes.

Robert J. said...

who is this "john"?

Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

Oh man, I would friggin' love someone to publish me! Especially for a press called "Mitzvah", 'cause that'd give me street cred ...

I'm serious though, publish me!

Robert J. said...

hi weldon. i know hauser backs you, and that's the highest praise in my mind. send me some poems because i never met you when you came to milwaukee.

mlx said...

a comment

mlx said...

Hey Rob,

Did you start publishing things yet with "Mitzvah," or are you in the just-getting-started phase? Sorry, I am not up to date on any of this, but I'd like to be.

By the way, I like the picture of Bill Cosby.

Robert J. said...


this will happen sometime after the new year. maybe not until summer.