Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tonight, She's 6'1"

Who will get laid?

She volunteers herself.

She is a heartthrob. MySpace says so.

There is lots of writing on her wall on Facebook. There are lots of pictures of her on Facebook, too.

Someone gave her an egg that hatched into a rabbit on Facebook.

I e-mailed her because I thought she might like it. I thought she could hatch my Facebook rabbit.

When I asked for volunteers she said she would do it: she would be the one to get laid tonight.

Take one for the team.

(I was still wondering how rabbits hatch.

They must hatch inside their mothers uterus because they are mammals. That must be what Facebook meant by that.

The ways of Facebook are mysterious but not indecipherable.

I am finished thinking about this.)

She is saying something about heels.

She says normally she is 5'11" but tonight she's 6'1".

I wonder: What will Facebook do?

Hatch her a taller rabbit in a longer womb, I suppose.

(On MySpace there are no such eggs. What is Tom waiting for? I cut Tom off. He is no longer my MySpace friend.

I am a bad friend. I am done thinking about this.)

Whoever lays her will have to be tall.

She leaves. Instead of getting laid she gets hepatitis from the toilet seat at 8th Street Tap Room.

And it wasn't even a tall toilet seat.

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