Thursday, March 08, 2007

1-2 Punches v2.0

Format = Band Name - First Album Title (genre)

Fear Itself - The Only Thing You Need Fear (punk, a la Godspeed! You Black Emperor)

The Greatest Song Ever - Boston's More Than a Feeling (swelling, orchestral (or at least choral) pop by starry-eyed youths with long breezy hair, hell bent on saving the world with music)

The Black Pavarotti - Skin Hanging Everywhere (cLOUDDEAD via Sevendust)

Distracted by Tacos - Inconsiderate with Toast (jam band/frat blues)

Rad - Rad (avant electro-pop)

Scooter Libby (EMF cover band)

The Queens of Heart (Juice Newton cover band)

Gandolf the Gay - MySpace Heart-Throbs (myspace heart-throbs)

The Carmelites - Breaking Habits (Whoopie Goldberg fronted chick-rock band)

Black Women with Jewish Names - In Honor of Lenny Kravitz (Whoopie Goldberg fronted funk soul)


chuibreg said...

I almost choked when you called GY!BE punk.

And The Greatest Song Ever idea is fucking brilliant.

Robert J said...

I didn't mean GY!BE was punk, I meant that it would be a punk-fused GY!BE band.